Stay away

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This morning everything about it, the silence.

My search of words.

I love it.

I love the loneliness.

The toughness of it all.

Everything at all.



I would know

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This is it.

The reality, is that you want to destroy me.

And I am willing to exactly the opposite.

And by the way, yes…I am their son.

Hashtag Sync

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Watching tv shows, or series where they quote books, authors and  history.

I love it, because usually people don’t recognize those clues.

And they’ve been put up there with the whole purpose and intention to be recognized.

I love catching those, I feel so connected, related.

I love when I catch good ones.

It has to do with the writing and directing.

Attention to details.

No sight

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What strengthens getting along with people?

It’s true what I’ve heard.

Getting along with people only matters if we really have the only reason behind everything.


It’s a habit; having the possibility to detect liars.

How writing makes me better

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I would love to commit to writing the rest of my life.

Not like a career, but as in me, as a person; writing continuously.

It’s healthy to be in intermittent balance with myself.

And foremost in my life, these will be the only reasons why  anything should be ever done.

Having good values, and writing is one of those scientific ones, where all the attention I give to it, begins building a positive outcome to my life.

Alternative music

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Usually I come across good things that I find.

This time I found the album of the band “The Strumbellas”.

Their music is really good, especially their album called Hope which I found in the Apple Music App.

I have not found anything else from them for now, but will eventually look up to them again to see if they’ve released any new music on Apple Music.

The album was release on 2016 with 11 songs, where I approve of all of them.

Who decides to break the bricks?

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I do. I, decide what to do.

Recently I’ve been reading on the app Medium, about how every experience when reading, is different for every person.

I love  to read on everybody’s reflection of it.

For me…

…reading gives me encounters with life, that I find nowhere else.

It’s a very personal activity, when you read.

You are the only person in charge of your happiness and through reading I’ve traveled to so many levels of my life.

You heard this before, (and I am going to say it) but many authors tell you how reading makes you live other life’s.

I stand by that.

Through reading I’ve come to realize, so many aspects of my self.

Nothing too external, neither social.


I’ve come to discern so many dark places, dusted away, time by time.

Learned that in this journey, life is not while your waiting.

Who ever told you waiting would be the absolution, of all your problems, has lied to you.

Waiting for what? On whom?

You have to learn how to live through the struggle.

I never say what I mean, but I always do what I mean.

If it is breaking through, reading, living other’s life, anything, as long as you are not waiting you’ll get the answer you are looking for.

It gets old

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Some things take time.

Sometimes it takes years, as in decades. Sometimes it takes years, like maybe one. Other times, (I hope) it takes months.

But all this “time” that we say it takes, is the time that it takes for you to get older, not an actual time in any calendar, watch or clock.

Time, that needs to get old in your book, so you see yourself passed the event that occurred.

Maybe, eventually it will takes days.



february 6 2018

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Today I needed to remind myself of the importance of giving feedback.

It’s very important to hear clearly, where feedback comes from.

You encounter times, where everything may seem clear, but it’s those times when the only thing that keeps you up float, is the constant exchange of feedback.

Open communication and hearing is the way humans interact and keep going.

Respectful insight is true feedback.

What was your exchange today?

Words, are a good way to mark events. I am just blogging because I´m grateful.