Weekly Post


Licensed by CC: MsSaraKelly

Everyday is not the same. And every day ends. For me it’s magical the way you choose to spend, every day.

It’s something where, I don’t let it get away from my hands, and being in this class, adds a little inspiration into my life.

About yesterday’s inspiration, I was reading about Utilitarianism. What I understood about this concept is that, many inventors, or makers of products have to have the ability to sell to their clients utility, (always) first than branding. If your customer doesn’t find the utility in what you are offering, their is no way your are getting through. No matter what brand your are, it really won’t be important.

For me it’s a brand new subject. And finding utility in things, is what makes it stick! We actually want things that we can find useful. But what happens if the market is offering us, something useless? We automatically dump it. We don’t even take it off the shelves, or buy it for home. And that is what this term means. We only care for the things that eventually become useful to us, or we just throw them away.

So thinking about this concept, helps me understand better the way we get use to things. We never need something, until we find the use for it.

For example, a person that has never used a computer and doesn’t have the need to use it actually, can’t find it as an useful object. But for us, as students, we can’t live without our computers because, they are useful for us.

It’s a very interesting subject and got me to thinking, yesterday.


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