Serial season 1

Licensed by CC: Casey Fiesler
Licensed by CC: Casey Fiesler

My experience with listening to Serial (podcast series) has been exciting and reviving.

I decided to listen to the first season, because I wanted to do some research, on how good was this podcast for real.

You get to witness the whole homicide like it happen in the street behind your house.

It, feels like you are living in the exact moment, while you hear the narrator and creator, Sarah Koenig speak.

Once again, I need to say, that this series, is something that can’t be explained, unless you experience it for yourself.

If, I am not mistaken, it’s about ten hours, the whole first season.

It took me probably a weekend, to listen the the whole first season.

I’ve had to go back, and listen to a couple of explanations, because I was not clear about specific details.

Head to my blog post, Serial season 2, for my explanation on my experience listening to a podcast series, season 2.


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