Keep pumping…

Licensed by CC: cea +
Licensed by CC: cea +

This is true.

You can’t, expect to be everyone’s lucky leaf clover.

People will not accept you. Not because your not god enough, it’s just because they feel the need to put others down, just to bring themselves up.

Life is that way.

That’s why you don’t need to do this, to receive an award from everyone.

You need to achieve, things, because they make ME happy.

This article, from Business Grow, expresses a great feeling I share.


…says: “I teach in my own way, on my own time…”

Find Your Own, Personal Peace, for yourself…

That will only bring the true meaning for LIFE.

Great article Mr. Mark Schaefer.

We have, to keep, doing things the way we see best.

Keep going, there are others ahead.


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