Don’t confuse distraction with attraction

Licensed by CC:Marta Motagirl
Licensed by CC:Marta Motagirl

This is the most unattractive thing you can do.

I enjoy so much my privacy, the way I respect other people’s life.

But I had the need to write about this type of behavior.

Sometimes these persons raise their voice, and looks your way, just to see if you are looking.

Obviously, you can be disturbed by the sudden pitch in this voice.

They try to catch my attention just by looking at you. Meaning staring. When you feel eyes overlooking you.

You get a sense, of maybe this person needs something. But they obviously don’t. Don’t respond to this kind of behavior.

Maybe you think this is normal behavior right.

But no.

So I share this with you guys, expecting you do understand what is going on.

Persons decide to distract by disturbing.

They try to pour verbal diarrhea on you.

Just say no, and walk away. Don’t ask anything, just walk away!

Why would you come up and distract me? Please go away!

I am in my happy place, don’t you understand?

Has this happened to you?

Below is a link towards naming all these types of behavior

Stalking Behaviors: This type of stalker repeatedly tried to approach and communicate…

Why would I give you attention. Don’t you see I am busy! Please stay away.

Video by Psych IRL


Let me add that I was in no kind of danger. I wanted to share because it’s uncomfortable to see people bugging you, when your not available, neither have time for their nonsense.

Please stay away, if you don’t have nothing better to do.

Advice: Buy a pet

Video by Sandy Says


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