Contribute Something

Licensed by CC: John Keogh
Licensed by CC: John Keogh

So I was taught to be a contributor in life.

My father taught me that I don’t need to give so much. I just need to contribute to the world.

This lesson took me years to learn because I tried college and never found a reason for me to be there o study something.

Years, as in years, later I decided to try something that was uncommon.

And believe it or not, after nine years I discovered what my contribution would be.

I wanted to be useful, for the medium to communicate.

I’m almost over with my studies.

I feel that I have to share with the world pieces of special moments that need to be shared.

Everyone has something they can add. Even daily you can add something.

I don’t know if everybody sees, it as I see it.

But I feel in my heart that I owe everybody some kind of respect for all the hard work they go true.

And if you notice there are a lot of people who a make the world better.

If you feel you need a little of inspiration. You can head to search through the Web, about the concept of “non violet communication” by Marshall Rosenberg. He died on 2015.

Bye for now!


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