Licensed by CC: Feral78
Licensed by CC: Feral78

So the thing is…we like the way, we can have the right, to speak up for ourselves.

As I found in the the web, the Oxford Dictionary states that: “democracy is the way we believe in common equality”.

It’s the right to decide for my own life, whatever I find, is best for me.

It’s the right, to do what I want with my personal choices.

The right in executing the plans I decide to accomplish.

I for one, myself, believe that these men are losers. I hate un-intellectual men who think, they can dominate you, in any way they think  of, by just by offering you, any kind of emotional relationship, as if you would give in.

I hate this kind of, disgusting creature,s who think they can dominate you or control you.

I was raised to believe in equality of intellects.

I love smart people.


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