Licensed by CC:
So here comes the man.

All certain for what he wishes to accomplish.

Dreaming of the day he’ll become governor.

Has his ideals.

He’s desires.

And we vote for this candidate, like he is the last water drop left.

He can be the most idealistic human being.

No matter how you put the figures, it will never add up.

When you reach the capitol, you have to leave all your learnings behind.

You have to close that door.

And say goodbye to that person you were.

They could be good persons, but it will never survive the actual decision making.

When you reach the table of decision making, you have to make the decisions, that are hard to accept, but need to be done.

If promises where made before, these are never actually accomplished.

Decisions that are better for the government, and not for every human in the population are met.

Decisions that only favor in general and not persons in particular.

You probably are blinded by the type of things you have to approve only to save that placeholder.

There is no turning back, and heading out the door will only stain your reputation.

So you just, sign.

These decisions are never publicly displayed.

You just keep them at night, and wake up with bag eyes like a zombie.

Until, what you have left is to force keeping that seat for another four years.

Hope for your reputation.

As you think, you are a human being.

Well now you know that that wasn’t, (never) meant for you.


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