Is the Internet free?

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I want to make a point on how the Internet has contrasting views, whether it’s free or not.

In an article written by Peter Osnos on The Atlantic, he states that the merely saying the it’s free it’s a contrasting view because we are “…unable to take full advantage of the Internet or meet the high price of cable…”

He also states that: “Monthly charges for broadband Internet service, plus cable television fees and smartphone bills…amount to hefty sums.”

This means that just installing this type of service is costly.

Another point of view is by Lowell Peterson in the Hufftington Post, stating that “the powerful private and public entities should not restrict people’s ability to distribute and receive information and programs via the world wide digital distribution system…”

This means that Internet should not be held by a specific company. It should stay public as it is.

In a website presented by freepress, called Save The Internet who is a “nonpartisan organizations fighting to save the free and open Internet” states that: “All too often, people in power are making decisions behind closed doors about how the internet should operate. The result: policies that could close down the open Internet and threaten our freedom to connect and communicate.”

I’m just saying, we have to really wake up and realize that this is a powerful tool we have available and it should be used correctly, meaning, use it now wisely and try to see, which ways it can help you as a person.

I would love for people, not to take it for granted.

I was inspired by this man, Mr. Brewster Kahle, who is “a passionate advocate for public Internet access…” “He is the founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive, one of the largest libraries in the world.

Mr. Brewster makes a really important point in his TEDTalk. He says that we should enjoy the moment we are at, because what could happen to the Internet is that maybe somebody or: “…unless someone else gets to it first…”, It could become a private tool. And for now we still have it, open for any of us, to access it.

People go back and forth on this argument. But I think we should look for ways, it can help us individually.

Remind yourself that many many years ago only a selectively group of people, could access information.

So, now, today their is no excuse for us to interchange information.

This advocacy for Internet, to be kept public should be part of our purpose, as Internet users.

Below you can watch his video.

Video by TED

Thank you for reading!


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