Mass Media

Lisenced by CC: Kostas Ts
Lisenced by CC: Kostas Ts

How exciting is fiding a common group that no mattter what, we can communicate globally.

Common ground.

Exchange ideas.

I love finding people who express their own point of view and ideas. Other than what everybody is supposed to think.

People in other places have the same thoughts I have!

Through clutter we can find other ways to avoid media, in mass, who wants to control the way your mind works.

Media who want to balance out your thoughts.

They control your thoughts, they control you.

It’s right, to have differing points of view.

The world wants, to control your thoughts.

We can’t be stopped by information that comes at you; that you have no obligation to read.

But it should not, knock you off the road, to make you feel you have to stop reading the news. You have to search in places that are not the usual mass media.

Don’t let that make you stop that feeling, of feeding of information, that we need and every human-needs.

Just because it’s common, usual, and there, doesn’t mean it’s useful.


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