Dimensions & Positions

Licensed by CC: miuenski miuenski

So how hard can it be?

People daily, are feeling tangled.

With no clever view.

Nothing productive to plan.

No path. Nothing!

This..thing, that begins to “live inside of you”.

It’s like stepping on a uneven, broken floor, where it has no, balance even when your step it’s supposed to be firm.

You feel like a drowny feeling on your own knees.

It’s a somber, obscure, dismal, feeling of pulling people over stiff, rusty, old, heavy, ankle chains.

Are you hauling people?

This is what it feels like when deep down, you know that you heart leads, toward other people’s business; and your brain has, nothing better to do, than to search people’s personal life.

….you should think about it!

What dimension are you?

Is that the right position?


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