No backpack

Licensed by CC: alternativemeans

I was wondering about blogging. And I read about many bloggers and the way they learn this new habit of “unbroken” “no interruption” writing.

And I am totally into it.

You never get the full control of it, at the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it.

No fear at all.

I like it. I like that everyone has their own pattern in writing.

Maybe they do it in the morning. Maybe they do it at night.

And anything will be OK,  to mention one of the bloggers I read about, is Mr. Johnson Kee, who is the founder and editor at 100 Naked Words.

He speaks about how he, for a whole year, blogged.

Every single day.

And he was inspired by Jonas Ellison.

I read this yesterday, and today I felt like speaking about this.

He did a great job, and I didn’t even read all of his posts. But I can tell you he did a great job.

And yes I read some of them and plan to keep reading on.

One rock a day can take you to build the whole building, right?

Start today.

Do it the way you feel the harmony in you.

I was scared at the beginning but I had to start. One way or the other.

And just start slowly until you feel attached to it.

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