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february 6 2018

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Today I needed to remind myself the importance of feedback. It’s very important to hear clearly where feedback comes from. There could be times where everything may seem clear, but it’s there, at that moment, where you are given the opportunity to give it a shot.

That moment where, you have open communication for hearing correctly what is being said.

That’s where true feedback comes from.

I think real feedback, comes from respecting truthful insight. Respecting the muse, respecting the inspiration. And thanking it, is part of the process of becoming who you are, during every second that you’ll  invest in the person you are becoming.

The process is the solution. -Nydia Davila Martinez


What I need everyday

It’s been such a long time. I feel I needed to go back to who I was. And back again here I am happily watching my Ted Talk, that obviously taught me something new today.

I need to admit that I do not feel fullfied every day if I actually do not learn something. I do not feel complete.

The problems we face as human beings in life

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We as human are entirely vulnerable because of the freedom of doing whatever you want in life.

I can only speak for the opportunities we have.

And in those moments we are sometimes faced with the fact that chances come to those who are given the chance to be loved by someone.

It is the only way the world moves.

In those moments is where you think who am I?

What I am doing here?

And why is this moment in my life so important?

You decide what you want to do in life.

You decide who you want to be in life, and with whom you want to be with.