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We need to talk about amount

Licensed by CC: aesthetics of crisis

This topic worries me.

I listen to this all the time.

How much? Which is really the wrong question.

Let’s start at the beginning.

If, and only if, your solution to passing sucessfully a class, has to do with covering the whole order of works you need to turn in.

Please tell me you have the maturity of noding.

One things is arguing about something, another is complaining.

If all you have to do is turn in all that work, just face it.

You need to face it. Especially if you are at a college level.

Do the work and please don’t argue.

The other thing is, sometimes you are only starting your years work 1/3 past of the semester, and the complaining starts. Please don’t do that.

If you complaing, I assure you it will get harder.

And the last thing is being ungrateful

Come to your senses, if you are doing work that you prefer not be doing, don’t be there in the first place.

Don’t argue about ‘how much’ it is.

Sometimes just shut up and do the work.