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Your capabilities


Licensed by: Anthony Abbott


You need to have the good eye. You need to evaluate better. You need to look for the signs.

There´s no rule book. People, or normal people, break the parameters. It´s not molded a certain way. We usually, are outside of it.

Not everyone is under the rule book.

At least exceptional people break the rule book.

To be great you have to be different.

You can´t be stuck, trying to fit in.

Being different it good.

It´s true, there is no way of saying how you learned something. The way you tape that idea. Over the years. The way you first learned your colors, and numbers, and names.

But it´s still in you. And it´s exceptional.

But it´s not by causality. It´s because you have them in you.

Because your capabilities led you to have these developments.

But be smarter. Be nicer.