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How does this involve, ‘me’?

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Will this connect you, or add value?

You trust who’s behind the machine, not the machine itself.

I think the internet works for many more things. But for what I really understand it works, is for connection. Behind all the information there’s a person who ‘decides to share’.

There is another person who shares. There is another person who decides to offer connection.

You have to evaluate what people decide to share.


When you feel “the connection”

by: nydia dávila
by: nydia dávila

I love the way we search our connection.

In the website Fast Company, there is an article:

“But when you realize that she’s “hiring” these various products to help her unwind, the picture becomes clearer, he explains.” says Harvard Business School professor and innovation expert Clayton M. Christensen. “If you’re trying to look at the customer’s attributes and connect the dots between these disparate activities and her overall behavior, it’s confusing.”

But once you realize your are exactly like that, or similar you understand.


I, need to “hire” a lot to “unwind”.

We humans feel comfortable when we find products we can identify with.

In Mark Schaefer webpage, there is an article:

“By connecting small clues in the lives of consumers Lindstrom shows how these insights are the true breakthroughs to insights and new products.” says Sociological savant Martin Lindstrom is one of the most inventive and forward-thinking marketers on the planet. “Brand-building works when we find the imbalances in people’s lives. If you find imbalances, you find the brand.”

You need to observe closely.

I like how we humans crave connection. And then there are other humans who research and study humans to understand their needs. And all of this helps us to try to understand that with the evolution of technology, researchers finds better ways we feel comfortable connecting.

The next Revolution…the Digital Revolution.