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This reminds me of how there are new ways were people are making record of everything that happens to them every single day.

This reminds me of Twitter. (comment)

So yesterday, I was reading about this guy who does “documenting”, which I find compelling the way he does it.

His name is Jon Wheatley.

First let me explain why I like it.

I was in a college course, where we had during the course of a semester, a professor who stay in campus for a whole month. He collaborated with my class professor in teaching.

One of the assigments we had in the class was to post a picture, of the topic posted in Twitter. In that case, if it was ‘coffee'”, we would have to take a picture, expressing what we interpreted of the word, that day.

The whole group in class had to participate. We were graded by this assignment. Every student interpreted, in a different way, which was exciting. We got to see how everybody, found something in the way to class, that meant to them, the word or phrase posted that day.

We ended the assignment maybe after a month or so.

So now going back to what I was saying at the beginning, ‘documenting’. People are doumenting in different ways, but Mr. Wheatley, does it in gifs.

I enjoyed very much his writing, because he says that, looking back to every gif he made over the last year, these gifs would: “…trigger and activate memories…” he didn’t know he had.

It’s like making somehting, or doing something just because you plan to do it, but don’t actually expect the surprise you get after making it.

Not everybody makes a memory of their life everyday.

By Mr. Wheatley doing this everyday, he would, recognize different aspects of his life.

As he suggest for himself, or I would suggest to others is that “documenting” your life would be a great idea, to get you to start a project for yourself. It does not have to be approved by anybody, just do it in a way that you find it’s fun for you.

At the end you could be surprised.