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The other ways you can keep busy

Licensed by CC: Sean MacEntee
Licensed by CC: Sean MacEntee

I wanted to share a list of places. These places are very comfortable for learning.

In this case you only need access to a computer.

By learning, I mean access to many courses, videos, and information to update you education.

These are online courses.

Some are free and some are not. But you can search through these sites, and find the one that best fits you.

I personally like self paced courses, that start and stop when I decide to.

Hope you like.

  1. Future Learn
  2. Open 2 Study
  3. Class Central
  4. Open Learn
  5. Reed.Co.Uk
  6. Academic Earth
  7. Open Culture
  8. edX
  9. Alison

These are some ideas. I hope you enjoy.