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What do you do to learn?

Licensed by CC: Alejandra Hernandez

I’ve recently been thinking how people learn.

Meaning what do they do to learn?

And I had to understand that people not all of them like to learn.

So I am probably speaking to just a percent of the people who feel the same way.

Learning is an aspect that becomes increasingly important in my life.

It’s need for it it’s like a daily habit of feeding myself.

I never feel complete if one day I decide not to learn.

It’s in my natural human nature.

It not addiction but surely is passion.


Live other, lifes

by: nydia davila
by: nydia davila

How is this passion ever going to leave me?

It’s so amazing the way reading helps me live other lives.

I am immensely grateful, to have learned that, by reading books, I can live other lives, as well as automatically know, that I can travel while reading.

This seems like a cheesy thing to say.

But you have to experience it, to really understand it.

I am gratefully to have been an avid learner.

I love being a perfectionist.

It makes me question things, to the extent, that I feel satisfied with my questioning.

Just because I am not there, doesn’t mean I can’t learn about it.