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The human power

Licensed by CC: Paul-Jakob Meussling

Why is it relevant that I write this piece?

I can tell you now that this will help you find yourself.

What is the most delightful way you like to interact with people?

First put that category in your brain.

Then think about what you enjoyed most when you were a kid.

And picture the perfect world between those two.

That’s your moment of peace.

And the only thing I had to do is tell you a story.

We are all cravers of this tradition we’ve learned over centuries.

It’s written in our bodies.

We crave storytelling, and storytelling is the singular and most powerful tool every human has; alive and busy or doing nothing in this earth.

Any job, any human born, any chaos, any desire, anything is storytelling.

It all depends on who telling the story. Not the machine.