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Licensed by CC: jeanbaptisteparis

What makes me think I am prepared for the worklife?


And I mean everything because you were supposed to have started a while back.

Nothing tells you how to prepare for the future but you have to face it.

The question is how?

Well there will come a time when you will probably find yourself alone, in a good sense. And you probably have to start somewhere.

How do you picture yourself in the future?

Start there. What would fill your days?

You have to picture yourself doing the things you most love.

You have you look for habits that you wish you have.

You have to look for the best hours during the day you most enjoy.

You have to feed youself the desirable food you crave.

You have to choose the people you want to be in contact with.

Everything you expect of the future has to be part of the planning process of it.

You need to put this down on writing.

Only like that will you actually feel the joy of achieving everything you plan and face the reality of picturing the things that you probably don’t have.

Everything can become scary at one point, and not everybody know what to do always.

Don’t feel ashamed.

At least start thinking of it.

You don’t need to be completely prepared.

What you need is to start making your mind up, and accepting that you need to change old habits towards new “worklife habits”.

I can’t tell you what’s perfect for you, only your personal preparation will tell you what belongs to your routine.

Being alone, to think about your future is totally normal. We are thinkers.

At least picture it, don’t be afraid.

Maybe you’ll get a mini glimpse.