What I need everyday

It’s been such a long time. I feel I needed to go back to who I was. And back again here I am happily watching my Ted Talk, that obviously taught me something new today.

I need to admit that I do not feel fullfied every day if I actually do not learn something. I do not feel complete.


Play your part right

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There has to be new projections. New ideas.

New flow of information.

Life important facts need to be put first.

Yo need to move forward toward searching the people who actually need help.

The problems we face as human beings in life

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We as human are entirely vulnerable because of the freedom of doing whatever you want in life.

I can only speak for the opportunities we have.

And in those moments we are sometimes faced with the fact that chances come to those who are given the chance to be loved by someone.

It is the only way the world moves.

In those moments is where you think who am I?

What I am doing here?

And why is this moment in my life so important?

You decide what you want to do in life.

You decide who you want to be in life, and with whom you want to be with.

The Bystander Effect

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This effect is happening all around us.

We sometimes don’t know how to handle it.

But during the age we are living in it actually can happen and not necessary do we need to act upon it.

I mean the digital age.

This is something that did not necessary exist before.

Now we are part of the digital age. And this means that everywhere we go there will be a technological apparatus present.

That is the actual law of life and it will probably not change for a while.

How do you spend?

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So going back to the subject of everyday.

It seems I have to be very busy doing something in order to feel fulfilled.

But this is not because I need to prove anything.

It actually is because for myself I need to always keep busy.

There is no real reason other than feeling my best.

Doing my best.

Living every day ready for my best.

I mean everyone does their personal day in their personal way.

And I can only speak from the extend of my experience.

But I need to be filled of all the necesary information that can come my way.

What do you do to learn?

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I’ve recently been thinking how people learn.

Meaning what do they do to learn?

And I had to understand that people not all of them like to learn.

So I am probably speaking to just a percent of the people who feel the same way.

Learning is an aspect that becomes increasingly important in my life.

It’s need for it it’s like a daily habit of feeding myself.

I never feel complete if one day I decide not to learn.

It’s in my natural human nature.

It not addiction but surely is passion.

The Human Invention ¨Naming¨

We humans invented everything.

As in everything, as in I mean everything.

Plants aren´t called plants because their real name is plants.

We named them.

We have named every single little piece of living thing over the face of the Earth.

And this only because we communicate because it is in our born instinct.

We humans understood that we had the ability to communicate and we decided to name everything.

But we actually invented everything.

So when we think of words we think of how we memorized every word, even when we forget their names we replace them with something different.

So under everything we created them, it´s not like someone told us the way it was.

We, as in someone else, did it.

But…it´s invented.

The human power

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Why is it relevant that I write this piece?

I can tell you now that this will help you find yourself.

What is the most delightful way you like to interact with people?

First put that category in your brain.

Then think about what you enjoyed most when you were a kid.

And picture the perfect world between those two.

That’s your moment of peace.

And the only thing I had to do is tell you a story.

We are all cravers of this tradition we’ve learned over centuries.

It’s written in our bodies.

We crave storytelling, and storytelling is the singular and most powerful tool every human has; alive and busy or doing nothing in this earth.

Any job, any human born, any chaos, any desire, anything is storytelling.

It all depends on who telling the story. Not the machine.

How does this involve, ‘me’?

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Will this connect you, or add value?

You trust who’s behind the machine, not the machine itself.

I think the internet works for many more things. But for what I really understand it works, is for connection. Behind all the information there’s a person who ‘decides to share’.

There is another person who shares. There is another person who decides to offer connection.

You have to evaluate what people decide to share.


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This reminds me of how there are new ways were people are making record of everything that happens to them every single day.

This reminds me of Twitter. (comment)

So yesterday, I was reading about this guy who does “documenting”, which I find compelling the way he does it.

His name is Jon Wheatley.

First let me explain why I like it.

I was in a college course, where we had during the course of a semester, a professor who stay in campus for a whole month. He collaborated with my class professor in teaching.

One of the assigments we had in the class was to post a picture, of the topic posted in Twitter. In that case, if it was ‘coffee'”, we would have to take a picture, expressing what we interpreted of the word, that day.

The whole group in class had to participate. We were graded by this assignment. Every student interpreted, in a different way, which was exciting. We got to see how everybody, found something in the way to class, that meant to them, the word or phrase posted that day.

We ended the assignment maybe after a month or so.

So now going back to what I was saying at the beginning, ‘documenting’. People are doumenting in different ways, but Mr. Wheatley, does it in gifs.

I enjoyed very much his writing, because he says that, looking back to every gif he made over the last year, these gifs would: “…trigger and activate memories…” he didn’t know he had.

It’s like making somehting, or doing something just because you plan to do it, but don’t actually expect the surprise you get after making it.

Not everybody makes a memory of their life everyday.

By Mr. Wheatley doing this everyday, he would, recognize different aspects of his life.

As he suggest for himself, or I would suggest to others is that “documenting” your life would be a great idea, to get you to start a project for yourself. It does not have to be approved by anybody, just do it in a way that you find it’s fun for you.

At the end you could be surprised.

No backpack

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I was wondering about blogging. And I read about many bloggers and the way they learn this new habit of “unbroken” “no interruption” writing.

And I am totally into it.

You never get the full control of it, at the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it.

No fear at all.

I like it. I like that everyone has their own pattern in writing.

Maybe they do it in the morning. Maybe they do it at night.

And anything will be OK,  to mention one of the bloggers I read about, is Mr. Johnson Kee, who is the founder and editor at 100 Naked Words.

He speaks about how he, for a whole year, blogged.

Every single day.

And he was inspired by Jonas Ellison.

I read this yesterday, and today I felt like speaking about this.

He did a great job, and I didn’t even read all of his posts. But I can tell you he did a great job.

And yes I read some of them and plan to keep reading on.

One rock a day can take you to build the whole building, right?

Start today.

Do it the way you feel the harmony in you.

I was scared at the beginning but I had to start. One way or the other.

And just start slowly until you feel attached to it.

No gender

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I need to share this information because it has brought so much joy to me, that I figured it would bring joy to others.

I don’t know if this has happened to you but I’ve had the experience of reading something and almost always, I feel that the person behind writing is totally a different person than the one writing.

So, I’ve thought it’s a girl when it is a boy and the other way around.

It’s a strange thing but at the same time exciting.

I find it surprising the way we read but words don’t have sexual orientation.

And the way at the end you get a name or a picture.

I almost always get the opposite idea of who wrote it.

Has this happened to you?

I find it exhilarating that this happens to me.

It’s like every time is a surprise.


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What makes me think I am prepared for the worklife?


And I mean everything because you were supposed to have started a while back.

Nothing tells you how to prepare for the future but you have to face it.

The question is how?

Well there will come a time when you will probably find yourself alone, in a good sense. And you probably have to start somewhere.

How do you picture yourself in the future?

Start there. What would fill your days?

You have to picture yourself doing the things you most love.

You have you look for habits that you wish you have.

You have to look for the best hours during the day you most enjoy.

You have to feed youself the desirable food you crave.

You have to choose the people you want to be in contact with.

Everything you expect of the future has to be part of the planning process of it.

You need to put this down on writing.

Only like that will you actually feel the joy of achieving everything you plan and face the reality of picturing the things that you probably don’t have.

Everything can become scary at one point, and not everybody know what to do always.

Don’t feel ashamed.

At least start thinking of it.

You don’t need to be completely prepared.

What you need is to start making your mind up, and accepting that you need to change old habits towards new “worklife habits”.

I can’t tell you what’s perfect for you, only your personal preparation will tell you what belongs to your routine.

Being alone, to think about your future is totally normal. We are thinkers.

At least picture it, don’t be afraid.

Maybe you’ll get a mini glimpse.

We need to talk about amount

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This topic worries me.

I listen to this all the time.

How much? Which is really the wrong question.

Let’s start at the beginning.

If, and only if, your solution to passing sucessfully a class, has to do with covering the whole order of works you need to turn in.

Please tell me you have the maturity of noding.

One things is arguing about something, another is complaining.

If all you have to do is turn in all that work, just face it.

You need to face it. Especially if you are at a college level.

Do the work and please don’t argue.

The other thing is, sometimes you are only starting your years work 1/3 past of the semester, and the complaining starts. Please don’t do that.

If you complaing, I assure you it will get harder.

And the last thing is being ungrateful

Come to your senses, if you are doing work that you prefer not be doing, don’t be there in the first place.

Don’t argue about ‘how much’ it is.

Sometimes just shut up and do the work.

Alteracion de información por comodidad

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Licensed by CC: Mattia Merlo

Hay que hablar de esto porque está pasando y es real. Es triste sí, pero es real. This is how it goes.

Es algo que he visto que pasa a mis alrededores.

Es algo que es común.

Las personas entienden que es normal.

Que, es un comportamiento regular.

Que hacer, este tipo de ‘cosas’ está  OK.

Y existen personas que creen, que este tipo de conducta, es  de ignorar porque, “no importa”, (como dicen).

Siendo un comunicador hay que evitar, que esto esté, entre nuestras actitudes.

Me refiero a la alteración de información.

Muy bien, me enseñaron, y le dedicaron tiempo mis profesores(as) universitarios, a enseñarme lo que es el plagio.

Nos enseñan, lo que significan y nos hacen firmar un documento, para dejar como evidencia, que copiar (imitar exactamente) cualquier información y decir, que es suya, es un delito.

Eso es lo primero.

Lo segundo es, tener información por escrito, y decidir cambiar esa información, por otra.

Como editar, lo ya escrito y poner otra frase que no es la que estaba allí antes.

Ese es otro tipo de ejemplo de alteración.

Por último está el más común y el más utilizado que veo entre personas que dicen llamarse comunicadores. Este es el cambiar la información que te dan a través de escuchar. Este no es la de llamar una obra maestra como tuya,  ni tampoco es la de un cambiar una cita encontrada porque no se escucha bonita.

Está es la que te declarán y tu decides cambiar, lo dicho por beneficio personal.

Es proveerte una información, y al pasarla decides, que quieres decir algo distinto a lo que se te dijo.

Creo, que es familia de la vagancia, el no querer llevar el mensaje tal y cómo te lo comunicaron.

¿Por qué es que quieres decir algo, por beneficio propio y no levantas la cabeza, de frente con la verdad?

¿Por qué esta, alteración de información es tan esencial, como comunicar el mensaje correcto, tal y como lo escuchastes, pasandolo con claridad?

Y en vez de proveer la información correcta como la escuchaste, la alteras.

Entonces, te hace un mentiroso a la hora de la verdad. Y de mentiroso no se salva nadie. Tienes que vivir con esa reputación el resto de tu vida.

Si no quieres decir lo que debes de decir, claro y preciso, pues decir nada es mejor.

Mejor cambia tus conductas, pero no digas algo y lo declares por cierto, si eso no fueron los mensajes que te dijeron.

Mejor no digas nada, si no tienes la voluntad de decir la verdad. No te hace un comunicador, con una mentirita blanca. Te hace un comunicador anti-ético.

Te hace una persona, que no respetas las palabras de los demás. Te hace un vago a fin de cuentas.

No alteres la información. No lo cambies, si no lo dijo.

Y ha el que dice que no importa, o que no lo van a coger con la mentirita blanca, déjalos que caigan. La verdad siempre prevalece.

You can’t see the title because it’s dark

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So how and why. Why is it?

What’s this you feel?

Is this different?

Should I talk about it?


I think when your patterns get differentiated…

…you get this sense of perfect disorder.

Where your days becomes a week of work.

And suddenly productivity, and animosity are in the air.

It’s a sense that you wish you capture or keep.

It’s today. Today.

May the 8th 2017. Day 128 of the year. We are through the first quarter of the whole year. Almost 60 more days until the second quarter.

And what has happened?

I learned that this year has brought lessons. And I enjoy lessons more that nothing in the world. I want to reminisce on what were these, first days of the year for me.

It began with learning; I had to be in a group for this class on my bachelor’s degree curriculum. And I had to, too be part of this other class which helped me to do audits. It seemed fair and path-worthy, being the time and the moment for me to be registered for these classes. I had no idea what there was to come, but I had all the curiosity I need to achieve these feeling.

This state where your life feels so grateful to be enrolling it. It’s a sense of epiphany. Nothing to compare it to.

You just have to go through these things to experience them completely. And I do this because it’s the bigger and better equation of love. I will be contributing to this blog post, in continuity explaining these perceptions and perspectives of what I am trying to explain.

Your capabilities


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You need to have the good eye. You need to evaluate better. You need to look for the signs.

There´s no rule book. People, or normal people, break the parameters. It´s not molded a certain way. We usually, are outside of it.

Not everyone is under the rule book.

At least exceptional people break the rule book.

To be great you have to be different.

You can´t be stuck, trying to fit in.

Being different it good.

It´s true, there is no way of saying how you learned something. The way you tape that idea. Over the years. The way you first learned your colors, and numbers, and names.

But it´s still in you. And it´s exceptional.

But it´s not by causality. It´s because you have them in you.

Because your capabilities led you to have these developments.

But be smarter. Be nicer.

Words, are a good way to mark events. I am just blogging because I´m grateful.