Licensed by CC: Joaquim Pedro Oliveira Martins
Licensed by CC: Joaquim Pedro Oliveira Martins

Esto del Page-Hacker fue una odisea. Tuve que hacerlo más de tres veces, porque cada vez se borraba. Pero aprendí como hacerlo. Ahora no creo que se me olvide.

El proceso fue entretenido y cómico. Fue una asignación diferente. En mi caso, las ediciones fueron de manera a broma. Quise reflejar situaciones imaginarias, más que imposible, porque uno no sabe realmente lo que pueda pasar.

Para verlo lo puedes abrir en “un new tab” y darle “zoom”. Así podrás leer la información que alteré.





We’ve been telling stories, but now we are concerned on how we tell them

Licensed by CC: Cameron Maddux
Licensed by CC: Cameron Maddux

*Article found on my content on Feedly, on SocialMediaWeek

This article reflects, a better view on how people want to actually, be engaged with the brands.

The important factor here is, that brands tells their stories through different channels or social media platforms.

Is not, that I am against some companies that bombard us, with ads, that makes us uncomfortable.

The point here, is that, their are actually, companies, and brands that promote o tell their stories (which I love), and makes us, want to connect with them.

Their is a whole difference, to wanting and feeling, obligated to connect with brands.

But, the ones we chose to connect with, are the brands that are opening those communication, channels, giving us the possibility, to say something, and EXPRESS OURSELVES.

This is for me a very interesting topic.

There are people, working out there, to helps us connect with better social media media platforms, giving us the enthusiasm, to actually come out of our shells and say something which can be (groundbreaking), and they work day by day trying to connect the world.

This article speaks, highly of these hard workers that make the world go round.

And again, I even feel uncomfortable when I am being, attacked with advertisements that obstruct are free, clean surfing on the net.

And a good question would be, how is it that some brands don’t bounce against my peace and while others feel the, need to do it?

Why are there brands that just do it correctly?

Humanize the Brand

All of this may sound weird, but content building can be, as simple as what to write on your blog.

Thank you for reading.

YouTube Presence

Licensed by CC: Joan M. Mas
Licensed by CC: Joan M. Mas

While we’re at it, I wanted to share this article, which represents how not only, government has social media presence, but surprisingly they have, YouTube presence too, which is what we are currently discussing in class.

This article, show that exactly a, “77% of governments, have a YouTube presence”.

The higher presence is leaded by Columbia and the Philippines.

“The extensive use of YouTube by world leaders emphasises the growing power video content is playing in the communications field and the increasing shift in efforts to get messages across to audiences around the world.” Donald A. Baer, Worldwide Chair and CEO, Burson-Marsteller.

You can look up, “the most viewed YouTube video of a world leader is a 2007 clip of then-Senator Obama and American comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres dancing to Beyonce.”

Jeremy Galbraith, Burson-Marsteller’s CEO, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Global Chief Strategy Officer says that: “Communicating effectively and being able to cut through the noise has become more difficult. Video offers an opportunity to illustrate a message visually and creatively, and has therefore become critical to all communications today – and the world of politics is no different.”

This is the fascination of being able to learn how to use video-interview.

Sherry Turkle and Nathan Jurgenson

Licensed by CC: The Magic Tuba Pixie
Licensed by CC: The Magic Tuba Pixie

We had the assignment to go around campus, and film with our phones an interview of what do the faculty or students think about the subject, of technology being a factor that separates us and technology being a factor that helps us come together?

This assignment was due to the fact, that these two persons, Sherry Turkle & Nathan Jurgenson have different views about the technology subject.

After doing my interviews I came to the conclusion, that three out of three students, think that technology, actually separates.

The defying factor here is, that I think differently from my interviewers.

I am totally amazed with the advances, and accomplishments, we humans, have made, make and will be making in our life. Technology is just a great tool, to be used wisely. I love the evolution, and the experience. You just have to find the right way to manage it.

By the way, both articles were really good.

Happy 10th Birthday Twitter!

Licensed by CC: Jurgen Appelo
Licensed by CC: Jurgen Appelo

On Monday, March 21, 2016, Twitter celebrates it’s tenth birthday.

…on Deutsche Welle’s page, I found a great article, about Twitter’s upcoming birthday.

Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) says: “Twitter empowers dialogue.”

“We are able to publish on Twitter with only 140-characters.”

You can find more information about Twitter: or visit their page: and open your free account.

“Twitter has as of today, half a billion users.”

Read and view this article:

How and where does this inspiration come from?

Licensed by CC: whalt
Licensed by CC: whalt

So, I read this article about this great author named Martin Lindstrom. He has written a book named, Brandwashed. He knows about marketing.

The, subject about this article, found on Feedly, in content that I added, from the RSS feed, of {grow}, leads me to this incredible video, done by Mark Schaefer.

The video is available in YouTube.

So, what’s interesting about this article, is that this man, Mr. Lindstrom has traveled to homes, and places, he gets to visit, and he tells us, how not only, digging over his area of expertise (brand building), he has this way of exploration and the experience, that serves the purpose, of being able to encounter the ideas necessary to create.

Yes you heard right. Creating. Coming up with ideas.

His type of research is very much interesting. This type of formula to discover ideas is very effective.

Found this article very fun, to watch.

Mediocre Life is just, not for me!

Licensed by CC: Tom Morris
Licensed by CC: Tom Morris

Many students think that going to school or college is just “studying” and saying, “That’s all”. And it actually isn’t.

But what does it actually mean “to go to school and study”?

For the most part, it is not only, going to class, and just doing your homework.

It actually is, becoming a professional in your field. And that is the way, many people don’t see or Do it.

Life as a student actually requires much more than just, choosing a bachelor’s degree and graduating.

You can even ask, people, who after finishing a career in law, decided to go back to school because they didn’t feel satisfied with what they graduated in.

Many student’s face the mediocrity of just wanting The Check.

I’ve met these people, and they have no true intention in life.

I’ve been faced with individuals, who are so damn lazy, they even enroll in the Army, just to eventually receive their final check , to be paid by the government, and live sustained by it.

People who actually, don’t give a crap about life.

These people need to be left for them to become the ghosts they are.

These are the people who eventually, won’t help you in life.

Mediocre people.

Watch out for them, they could be everywhere.

Don’t loose your focus only because these individuals want to bring you down, steal, imitate, try to take your place, say they are better than you, envy you, criticize your for no reason, and poison your concentration, productivity and focus.

Surround yourself with people who are healthy.

Believe in yourself and don’t follow the losers. Keep going, you’ll meet up the others ahead.

Holy Inspiration

Licensed by CC: Ali Edwards
Licensed by CC: Ali Edwards

How to actually write a blog post?

Link to article:

We’ve come with a thousand ideas to write, but when we hit the computer, blank. Nothing comes to the mind. This is an effect we can all sometimes feel, and it’s pretty normal to feel this-writer’s block- that everyone feels.

It’s pretty normal that we all feel, like this sometimes. Writer’s block, is something to feel proud about, because it actually means that you are trying.

This feeling is normal. It, comes to everyone.

This article says that you should not feel worried about the time inspiration comes to you. You should: “And don’t just look at the oldest bits of content on your blog. Look at as much of it as you can until you have enough ideas.”

Try and look all the time you need. Read the blog post. It actually helps you find ideas.

This article in written in really simple English. It helps if you really, would like to learn a little bit more of where does this inspiration comes from. I am glad I shared this with all of you. Hope you find it helpful.

Reasons that show how important this article is, it’s because he actually tells us that there are three places we can actually find ideas for writing/blogging:

First watching YouTube videos

Second reading your old blog posts

Third, going to the mall

The article may seem elemental but it actually helps you think of his suggestions.

It may seem hard, but don’t stop trying!

Seth Godin’s Blog rss feed on feedly

Licensed by: Pixabay
Licensed by: Pixabay
Licensed by CC: Ky
Licensed by CC: Ky

This is a really short blog post, but I love Seth for many reasons. This just reminds us a little bit about being extra-careful when listening to people. Remind yourself, as well as we read on the internet, that not everything your read is real, as in real life, not everything the person is saying is TRUE.

Who would you actually decide to listen to? The smart or the stupid? It seems like a stupid questions, but it really isn’t. Seth publishes: “… listening to these folks is the way to go.” I totally agree that if I were to be informed I will, most certainly listen to the smart one.


memeburn rss feed on feedly

Licensed by CC: FutUndBeidl
Licensed by CC: FutUndBeidl

This article reflects a very soft and vague prediction of what to expect for 2016 and forward. It’s not a bad article at all. It gives us a perception of what to expect and how on the security subject, we should be careful. The title is: Securing next-generation networks written by

I recommend reading this article, this could be a good reminder, about the security on Web usage. Remember to always ask yourself, if you really want to post what you are posting? We should always be on top of this subject for our safety.

Surf safely!


{grow} rss feed on feedly

Licensed by CC: Dianne Lacourciere
Licensed by CC: Dianne Lacourciere

This is an article read on Feedly, from my added content for my INF115 class.

I found this great article, about reference and great books to add to my list. Wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

Eight new book ideas!

They are the following:

Feeds de Feedly

Licensed by:

    Licensed by:

Instrucciones: [10 feeds distintos sobre temas de medios digitales.Escriban un post indicando las 10 suscripciones nuevas que agregaron a su Feedly. Por cada feed nuevo, añadan una breve explicación.]

  1. {grow}

Es una compañia de Marketing Solutions. Encontre que la publicación de sus artículos son interesantes, y relevantes a la actualidad y los medios digitales. Creo que el leerlos va a ser interesante.

2. copyblogger

Es una compañia en donde tiene un RSS feed y publican artículos relacionados a los medios digitales, entre otros temas. Trabajan mucho con el contenido para el mercadeo en la Web.

3. memeburn

Este feed trata sobre temas actuales de tecnología. Escriben muchos artículos de temas sobre medios digitales.


Este feed trata sobre lanzar nuevos productos al mercado. Piensan en el uso de muchos productos para lazarlos al mercado. Estan dentro del ambiente digital.

5. poynter

Ellos trabajan con periodismo, pero sus artículos estan dirigidos a temas de la actualidad con el uso de medios sociales.

6. Seth Godin

El es un guru en todo lo que son redes sociales, medios digitales, entre otros. Además es ecritor.

7. SocialMediaWeek

Ellos exploran redes sociales, tecnología, cultura y sociedad. Además dan conferencias.

8. Social Bakers

Ellos ayudan a dirigir el uso de los medios sociales. Artículos muy interesantes.

9. VentureBeat

Ellos trabajan más con artículos de tecnología. Mucha información muy buena.

10. SocialMediaExaminer

Ellos trabajan con el mucdas de las redes sociales del 2016. Muy bueno.

*Durante el transcurso de la clase probablemente añadiré contenido, mientras siga buscando y encontrando contenido que quiera añadir o relacionado al tema o la clase. Estos fueron los primeros diez que encontré.




So what’s been inspiring me?

Licensed by: Designerspics
Licensed by: Designerspics


So I have actually, had a couple of inspiring days. I want to say that the daily create has been given to every student so we can every once in a while create new ideas to post. It’s a new experience and a very pleasant one. Maria Alejandra is the other student who agreed to add her ideas too.

Other than that, we’ve discussed an article from the author of “Reclaiming the Conversation” Miss Sherry Turkle.

A little bit further, we will enter a deeper discussion about this. We are more than welcomed to read her book, available. But further in the semester we will discuss, what is the idea she wants her reader to understand.

January, February and now March.

We’ve learn about the RSS Feed, which has become a very interesting subject. Other than just subscribing for notifications on my email there’s a better place were we can actually organize feeds and see them all in one place with an account. Mr. Feedly.

To be really truthfull,  I wish I keep learning these things as the Web evolves.

I have to add, that classmates are really nice.

Oh, and Alan (@cogdog), you know the Professor can always Skype you really early!

Thanks you for your lessons.

Next we have…discussions on Digital Media.

Stay Tuned. Keep yourself connected.


…Learning. by: Marcin Milewski by: Marcin Milewski


What’s been happening in our class INF 115 with @avunque ?









Cloud Convert


Page Hacker


Easy Screen Shot

Everywhere YouTube Downloader



Hoxx VPN Proxy






*This information is subject to change during the course of the class. Feel free to visit and explore these areas that are available for us.


Licensed CC by: Pedro Ribeiro Simões
Licensed CC by: Pedro Ribeiro Simões

Primero, en la primera información que nos proveyó el Profesor (@avunque), nos habla un poquito sobre el Sr. Tim Berners, en donde su exploración comienza con lo que es electrónica. El proceso lo llevó a descubrir un problema el cuál el quiso arreglar. Este fue que las computadoras ya existentes, guardaban información pero era cada una individualmente, y no unificada.

Es aquí, donde Berners inventa una tecnología, que permite que se pueda compartir información.

Para el año 1990, el escriben tres tecnologías que existen todavía hoy. Ellas son:

  1. Hypertext Markup Language
  2. Uniform Resource Identifier
  3. Hypertext Transfer Protocol

También podemos añadir inventos, como el primer WEB editor/browser y el primer Web server.

Él advoco, que el Web estuviese disponible y gratis para siempre.

Quiero añadir las cincos ideas revolucionarias del Web, porque son muy interesantes. Estas son la:

  1. Descentralización
  2. Cero discriminación
  3. Diseño para experimentar y participar
  4. Universalidad
  5. Consenso

Todo esto qué hizo el Sr. Berners de inicio a avances en áreas de la información, política, investigación científica, educación y cultura.

La segunda lectura que proveyó el Profesor fue las 25 cosas en el aniversario número, 25 de la Web.

Algunos de los señalamientos que tuve la oportunidad de leer, fueron que la Web y el internet, no son lo mismo, la Web es gratis como el que lanzó Facebook, no todo lo que encuentras en la Web puede construir sobre él, Berners ha hecho algo que es incomparable, la Web sigue evolucionando, hay billones de websites, muchos de los websites están controlados por corporaciones, la Web tiene una prótesis de memoria, existe en la Web el poder de comunidad, creatividad, estados en donde podemos modificar, áreas que son entendibles, encontramos tecnología adaptable, el WWW es lingüísticamente único, la Web es mucho más profundo que lo imaginable, la Web creció en solamente cuatro años y que sus servicios son gratis.

En referencia a que creo sobre la Web, creo que es la herramienta o una de las herramientas más poderosas y útiles, accesible a nosotros. Agraciadamente tengo acceso a la Web. Creo que es un invento impresionante, hecho por el hombre. Recuerdo mi vida antes y después del internet, y la influencia es notable. Lo que puedo contribuir a lo dicho anterior, es que para trabajar es una excelente herramienta. Va de la mano de lo que son los dispositivos móbiles o celulares o el teléfono. El poder de comunicarnos es impresionante. Ojala este con nosotros para siempre.


Words, are a good way to mark events. I am just blogging because I´m grateful.