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The weakest person in the room is the loudest

Licensed by: Mark Blevis

So at last I came to my blog. It’s been a pretty rough couple of weeks. I‘ve been working since January in my client base job, I had. This, due to a planning process I had to be part of. Well it was ok. I mean I expected much more of it, but circumstances did not go that way. It passed. So I have to not look at that again, and keep going forward. But the process was a teaching, telling me the true color of people. I learned that being rude, is the weakest person’s imitation of strength. I learned that the loudest in the room, is the weakest. I learned that people who know the least about you, have the most to say. I learned all types of bullying available out there. People tend to hurt you, just for the sake of having nothing, in their lives other that looking at the other’s plate to put you down and criticize you. But there are things in life, where you have to defend yourself. Stand for yourself, and not bother with other people’s insecurities. And this is not a blog about negativism. Well I hope so. But you live your life, you go through it, and realize that there is people who only wake up every day just to put you down. They actually don’t have nothing better to do. And everybody is ready for a battle, but when they beg for constant attention, because they have nothing better to do, there comes a time, when defending yourself is all you got. And I need to talk about this, because it happened. And it’s real. People bully others.

It’s not about making a fight about it, it’s about being put down so many times, that you have to defend yourself, by yourself. Hard working people get this. Workaholics get this. Concentrated. Present. And normal people get this. But I realized that all they want to do is get your attention, because they are getting any. And they need to scream to get it. Oh, and they run in packs. They don’t stand alone. They do this, and lie, or hide the facts about it. Or half-truth’s they give you. They try to manipulate your speech, and don’t have their own speech. And it useless. And it doesn’t turn me down. Only because I’m strong. But behaviors like this are the lesser part of society. This people is want turns other’s, in drawing the line, and telling them that they are humans too. And we have a global right, and we plea for respect among human beings.

I speak about this, because it’s real. I encounter myself with this kind of people every day. If it’s not making fun of your body size, clothing, hair, they tend to bully your speech, your personal information. Or lie about ‘this’ you said and turn truths into lies. They manipulate the truth. They have no respect for other people’s life. And it’s ok, this won’t change, they won’t come to their senses, nor will they eventually say there’re sorry.

And life goes on. Obviously not with them. Life is different outside this sick ball.

So yes I had to, I had to say this because it passed and I learned what I had to, and moved on.

It just brought out the true colors of these people. And you don’t wish nothing for them.