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You can’t see the title because it’s dark

Licensed by CC: Barabeke


So how and why. Why is it?

What’s this you feel?

Is this different?

Should I talk about it?


I think when your patterns get differentiated…

…you get this sense of perfect disorder.

Where your days becomes a week of work.

And suddenly productivity, and animosity are in the air.

It’s a sense that you wish you capture or keep.

It’s today. Today.

May the 8th 2017. Day 128 of the year. We are through the first quarter of the whole year. Almost 60 more days until the second quarter.

And what has happened?

I learned that this year has brought lessons. And I enjoy lessons more that nothing in the world. I want to reminisce on what were these, first days of the year for me.

It began with learning; I had to be in a group for this class on my bachelor’s degree curriculum. And I had to, too be part of this other class which helped me to do audits. It seemed fair and path-worthy, being the time and the moment for me to be registered for these classes. I had no idea what there was to come, but I had all the curiosity I need to achieve these feeling.

This state where your life feels so grateful to be enrolling it. It’s a sense of epiphany. Nothing to compare it to.

You just have to go through these things to experience them completely. And I do this because it’s the bigger and better equation of love. I will be contributing to this blog post, in continuity explaining these perceptions and perspectives of what I am trying to explain.