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That thing. You know…

Licensed by CC: Dottie B.
Licensed by CC: Dottie B.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I am feeling emotional. Time is passing so fast.

Things are beginning to change.

It’s like the world is dancing on it’s axis. And I can see the steps.

I’m moved by the way I look at people.

They look different, they don’t seem the same.

But maybe, it’s just a wrong perception. It’s probably wrong. They are the same.

If, it was to stand still. If it actually did? What would you, call it?

For me is old school, business…what’s it called for you?


Music OneRepublic

Licensed by CC: Ronald Woan
Licensed by CC: Ronald Woan

I wanted to share a very interesting song, which I find very nice.

I discovered them, not long ago.

I am talking about the band called One Republic.

Their twitter account is: OneRepublic

You can read a little bit more about them in the MTV Web Page: OneRepublic

You can listen to them on You Tube: OneRepublic

The song I am aiming for is Good Life

Below you can enjoy the video!